Iron Man Movie Review: Redemption?

Review: Iron Man: Redemption?
I saw Iron Man.

Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., owns a weapons manufacturer. On a trip to demonstrate a new missile, the Jericho, which knocks out a wall of defenses with many small bombs deployed from a single shot, he is captured. His captors are essentially killers Al-Qaeda. They want him to build this device.

In a cave, he realizes he cannot escape on his own. He'll build the bomb, and then, they'll kill him. Bad deal. He secretly builds the Iron Man suit and gets back home. Fellow captive and engineering genius Dr. Yinsen cautions him, "Don't Waste Your Life." Yinsen gives his life to save Tony's.

While in captivity, he sees that his weapons are used by the enemy. Why? How?

He had been a sleazy, rich, indulgent womanizer. Now, he sees more

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